FX Execution Consulting

Leverage the expertise of an independent consultant working directly with your team, and tap into decades of currency-market insider knowledge. Learn techniques to improve execution quality, boost performance, and lower currency transaction costs during portfolio transitions and rebalancing.

Currency Execution Consulting Services
  • What is it that firms with the lowest FX trading costs do to achieve them? What matters most in order to lower FX transaction costs? We have the answers.
  • Transition Management and Portfolio Rebalancing often require FX trades. Most transition managers act as principal to your FX trades. Reduce FX costs by engaging a consultant that understands all the nuances of currency trading and acts solely on your behalf.
  • Learn several hidden markups commonly embedded in spot, swaps, forwards, and options that many investors are unaware of.
  • Gain insight to electronic trading developments and price-discovery platforms that show interbank-market rates in real time.
  • Add new execution methods that will improve transparency and liquidity with your existing bank network without adding any new infrastructure.
  • Build a process to break down the walls that custodial banks construct to protect large markups on “restricted” currency trades (KRW, BRL, INR, etc.).