FXT Peer Universe™

FX Transparency uses analytical methods specific to the currency market, developed from decades of experience achieving best execution on behalf of the world’s leading asset managers, pensions and endowments, and corporate treasurers.

FXT Peer Universe™ delivers the comparative data needed to measure your execution quality.

  • The largest FX data repository of buy-side trades in the FX TCA space
  • 300 Institutional Investors; 40 million trades; $100 Trillion notional volume
  • Customized a Peer Universe of your choosing for objective ranking of your various Investment
  • Teams, Traders & Custodians fo, any Cost Metrics, including:
  • Total FX Trading Costs
  • Spot Trading Costs
  • FX Swap Trading Costs
  • Costs by Currency

Our Proprietary Benchmark Data to measure your costs:

  • On a sub-second basis, FXT collects & stores tick data to match market-consensus mid rates.
  • The values for each currency pair are based on contributions from multiple sources including interbank trading platforms and voice brokers, downstream e-dealing platforms, and banks.
  • The input prices are run through a blending algorithm designed to mitigate the effects of outlier quotes.
  • FXT stores holiday calendars and historical day counts for each currency pair’s forward market. This helps ensure that all forward trades are properly valued
  • Mid-market rates, Interval Time Average Price (ITAP™), and the Swap Separator™ are used to accurately benchmark the current process, even if your trade history lacks timestamps.
  • Swap Separator™ is our industry leading post-trade tool that allows different FX products (Spot, Swap, Forwards & NDFs) to be analyzed individually, which provides a more accurate reflection of trading costs.