Asset Managers

Achieving FX Best Execution? Let FXT Help You Prove it to Your Clients and Stakeholders.

Benefits of an Independent FX Transaction Cost Analysis (FX TCA) Reporting System for Investment Managers

FXT Peer Universe™ delivers the comparative data Asset Managers need to compare their execution quality to that of their peers. FX Transparency uses analytical methods specific to the currency market, developed from decades of experience achieving best execution for the world’s leading asset managers and banks.

FXT’s Peer Universe consists of millions of trades totaling trillions of USD principal from over 300 of the world’s top investment managers and plan sponsors, and is expanding rapidly.

  • Benchmark your currency trading costs against those of your peers to demonstrate best-execution efforts in foreign exchange.
  • Independent FX TCA reports can address clients’ questions about your trading process and improve compliance.
  • Manage Dealer Relationships More Effectively by Quantifying the Commissions They Earn from Your Foreign Exchange Trades.
  • Add Another System to Identify Outlier Trades and Improve Your Fiduciary Capabilities.
  • Have an Independent FX TCA Process in Place Before Your Clients Ask for It.
  • Receive Specific Recommendations to Reduce Your Currency Trading Costs.