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July 27, 2016by John Galanek

Rather than whining about the pending uncertainty post-Brexit, GE’s Jeff Immelt lays out an actionable plan. He has no choice, with significant revenue and operations globally he cannot let the prevailing political sentiment interfere with his quest to deliver value for shareholders.

He points to the positive role that businesses play in global political discourse:

“Sometimes businesses can drive change faster than governments. It is tough to hate a company that is creating jobs. Our revenue outside the U.S. has grown sixfold since 2000, and we expect that to continue.”

Rhetoric does not matter, irrespective of your political bias, employment and personal economic prosperity do.

At FXT, we believe in similar business principles as Mr. Immelt. In our view, staying exceptionally focused on helping our clients meet challenges within the volatile OTC foreign exchange landscape. Provide unbiased execution advisory services to assist buy-side investors manage what is within their control: their currency execution process. Offer world-leading independent measurement services, FX transaction cost analysis (FX TCA), to monitor progress and adjust as required. The significant positive impact on corporate earnings and or investment returns are always welcome no matter what level interest rates are.


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