FX Transparency (FXT) is the leading independent provider of foreign exchange transaction cost analysis (FX TCA) and currency execution consulting services to institutional currency participants globally. Our firm was founded to help international investors around the world narrow the significant variances in currency execution quality.

Our mission is simple: Quantify and reduce FX trading costs for all currency market participants.

FXT’s unbiased analytics meets investor demands to monitor FX transaction costs to support their best execution efforts in foreign exchange and satisfy all stakeholders in their currency trading process.

FXT’s unique combination of independence, unparalleled currency domain expertise, the largest peer universe of buy-side trades, and actionable recommendations to improve execution quality with cutting edge technology make FXT the best and most trusted FX TCA technology globally.

There are three steps to satisfy stakeholders in your currency trading process:

Measure – Quantifying FX trading costs is the first step toward lowering them.
Monitor – Currency trading costs in 2018 will likely not be the same as 2017 and years prior.
Manage – Costs must be monitored in order to be managed.

WM Manipulation Hits Europe – Independent FX TCA Could Have Shed Light

More Sell-Side FX Lawsuits
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10 Billion Reasons to Perform FX TCA in 2018

Think the FX Global Code prevents banks from front running your currency trades? Not so fast says Vanguard’s Andy Maack: FX Abuses Persist Even After $10 Billion in Fines, Traders Say
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FCA: TCA ‘Unlikely’ To Fall Under Research / Market Participants Call For More TCA Disclosures

“The payment of third-party transaction cost analysis services is likely to be shouldered by asset managers, rather than passed on to clients, because the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority says such fees are unlikely to qualify as research costs…”   https://www.fxweek.com/foreign-exchange/trading/3451061/fca-tca-unlikely-to-fall-under-research (March 6, 2018) “Transaction cost analysis (TCA) Market participants are calling for more disclosure around who
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FX Transparency comes to Australia: expect a shake-up

The global foreign exchange monitoring and consulting company which represents asset owners and managers, FX Transparency, has appointed a representative for Asia Pacific, based in Melbourne. The firm delves into the opaque world of FX, which, for big Australian investors at least, is both huge and not-well understood. click here for full article: FX Transparency
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Citadel, Vanguard Call for End to Controversial FX Last Look

More momentum to end a deceptive market practice that does not add any value or liquidity in today’s FX market. Interesting also that shortly after this news hit the wires, Thomson Reuters signs a statement of commitment to the Global FX Code of Conduct (the Global Code), formally pledging adherence to the Code’s standards to
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With the largest universe of actual buy-side trades, you will know exactly how competitive your currency trading costs are relative to those of your peers.

We take into account every nuance of the FX market to make sure your trades receive an apples-to-apples comparison – swaps are compared to swaps, spot trades to spot trades, and Mexican Peso trades to Mexican Peso trades, all interpolated with sell-side precision to each trade’s value date.

FX Transparency provides Currency Execution Consulting to institutional investors and corporate treasurers designed to improve price transparency and reduce currency-trading costs.

Tap into our decades of currency risk management expertise to demystify the FX market’s opaque structure.

Learn transparent methods of execution designed to reduce costs even in restricted emerging markets.

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