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Welcome to FX Transparency

FX Transparency is the largest independent global provider of foreign exchange transaction cost analysis (FX TCA) and currency execution consulting services exclusively to the institutional buy-side.

FX Transparency was founded to help international investors globally narrow the significant variance in currency execution quality across managers.  Our mission is simple: Quantify and reduce FX trading costs for all institutional buy-side market participants.

We and our clients firmly believe that dealers, banks, and custodians are entitled to make money for the credit, liquidity, and settlement services they provide.  Investors desire to monitor FX transaction costs to support their best execution efforts in foreign exchange and satisfy all stakeholders in their currency trading process.

FX Transparency’s unique combination of independence, unparalleled currency domain expertise, the largest peer universe of buy-side trades, and actionable recommendations to improve execution quality with cutting edge technology make FXT the best and most trusted FX TCA technology globally.

There are three steps to satisfy stakeholders in your currency trading process:

Measure – Quantifying FX trading costs is the first step toward lowering them.
Monitor – Currency trading costs in 2014 will likely not be the same as they were in 2013.
Manage – Costs must be monitored in order to be managed.
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Details on the Changes to the WM/Reuters Fix

Changes were originally supposed to go into effect Sunday December 14th, but have been delayed to February 2015. There will be two major changes to the current process: 1. The calculation window is being widened to 5 minutes from one … Continue reading

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